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Your Trek Clermont Team


Start Date: April 2005

Fun Facts: I'm affectionately known as "Rand McNally". I have a knack for learning roads and directions pretty quickly. My wife jokes because I can always tell her the exact turns even if I've only driven it once. 

What I love about cycling: Cycling keeps me healthy- physically and mentally. I look forward to the next ride even when I'm on a ride.


Start Date: April 2005

Fun Facts: I am a mom to two amazing daughters and the best bike shop crew anyone could ask for. I am a nurturer through and through... my last job was an emergency room RN.  

What I love about cycling: You get to see much more of your local community when you go by bike. I always rent bikes when vacationing. It's the best way to explore new places.


Start Date: November 2015

Fun Facts: As a kid I used to jump off the roof with a garbage bag as a parachute. I finally got to go skydiving as an adult and it was AMAZING!

What I love about cycling: It's a fantastic way to get outdoors, enjoy nature, meet new people and clear my head from the day.


Start Date: December 2017

Fun Facts: My family says I'm the "Smoothie King". I make great smoothies by mixing all kinds of fruits and veggies to get the best flavors.

What I love about cycling: The freedom! It makes me feel free on every mile and I ride to keep healthy.


Start Date: January 2022

Fun Facts: I make metal artwork out of scrap bicycle parts. I love seeing the enjoyment others get when my creations come together.

What I love about cycling: I love the mechanical side of bikes. I enjoy the challenge of fixing and repairing bikes. Everyday is a new adventure.


Start Date: June 2020

Fun Facts: I am a public school Band Director and when not at the shop, can be found playing my trumpet around Central Florida.

What I love about cycling: It's a great way to meet new people and explore new (and old) places.


Start Date: October 2019

Fun Facts: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are my fuel. And no one makes them like I do!

What I love about cycling: I love that cycling is like the adrenaline rush of a roller coaster without the height requirements! Cycling is something anyone can enjoy.


Start Date: June 2009

Fun Facts: I'm known as "Mr. Fixit". I can fix just about anything from bikes to home improvements.

What I love about cycling: No day riding is like the one before.


Start Date: June 2022

Fun Facts: I love to have a good time with friends and family.

What I love about cycling: It's a great way to be active and the community is amazing.