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Bike Shipping - Receiving

The Trek Bicycle Store of Clermont is proud to offer professional Assembly, Disassembly & Packing Services. Traveling somewhere and need your bike boxed up? Or maybe you're coming into town for a race or event? Our Shipping Services have got you covered.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If shipping your bike to us for service, please be sure to mark all of your measurements pertaining to your bike fit. Trek Clermont is not responsible for any bicycle assembly and fit that is not legibly marked in regards to positioning of the seat, seat post, handlebar, aero bars, and stem height. It is recommended that you take measurements prior to disassembly and mark those measurements on a piece of paper. Additionally, you can mark the heights with tape, a marker, or paint marker. We also recommend using a professional bicycle technician to disassemble and box your bike for shipping. Most shipping companies will not honor claims for bicycles that were improperly packed.

Payment will be required when picking up the bicycle from the store. 

For Shipping Services we recommend using BikeFlights to ship your bike. If we are boxing your bike for you, we will professionally disassemble and securely pack your bike. We will then provide you with box dimensions and weight. You will need this information to purchase your return shipping label using BikeFlights website. Once you receive your label, please email it to us at We will ship your bike out using UPS ground delivery and provide you with tracking information. We have found BikeFlights to be the most reliable and safe method to transport precious cargo. 

Please indicate any additional services that you are requesting. Be sure to click the "call with estimate" button if you would like us to call you with an estimate first. Some services are exclusive to certain events.
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Please provide tracking number if shipping via UPS, Fed-Ex, or DHL