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Fitting, Beyond a Size                                 
A bike fit is far beyond the frame size of your 
bike and the position of your seat. Many 
people have been sized for a bike, but never 
fit. Bike fitting accounts for every aspect of 
your body and helps optimize your performance.                       

Schedule A Fit    *Due to Covid-19, Bike Fitting Services Are Unavailable At This Time

Why Get a Bike Fit?

Bike fits improve comfort and performance by evaluating flexibility, bone structure and riding style. Using data collected at a fitting session, our professional fitter can help alleviate back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, hand numbness and saddle discomfort. This process not only creates a more comfortable ride, but can significantly improve your performance shaving valuable seconds off lap times.

Essential Bike Fitting


1.5 hr

  • Diagnostic Interview
  • Physical Assessment
  • Comprehensive Adjustments
  • Stem Length & Positioning
  • Handlebar Width & Positioning
  • Shoe & Cleat Alignment
  • Rider Position Analysis
  • Electronic Copy of Fit Results

Precision Fit Bike Fitting


2.25 hr    

  • Diagnostic Interview
  • Physical Assessment
  • Flexibility & Range of Motion Testing
  • Rider Position Analysis
  • Precision Adjustments Based on Video Feedback
  • Cleat & Shoe Alignment
  • Saddle Pressure Mapping
  • Stem Length & Positioning
  • Handlebar Width & Positioning
  • Aerobar Positioning
  • Electronic Copy of Fit Results

Saddle Mapping 


1 hr

  • With Trek's Saddle Pressure Mapping technology, we can help you select the right saddle for your body type and riding style. This advanced process allows us to identify hot spots or areas that may cause discomfort for you while you're on the bike. Based on the pressure map that we produce for you, we can identify a saddle that's right for you. We account for saddle width, length, shape, curvature, and more to help ensure that you ride away comfortable and focused on the road or trail ahead.

Bike Fit

Great Fit Starts Here 
We love helping our customers get the right fit. If you didn’t buy your bike from us, don’t worry. We will help you too! Just bring your bike in for a complimentary review of the fit basics, so you know what changes, if any, you might want to consider. We look forward to seeing you!

Schedule A Fit